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Q. What does available by order mean?

A. Available by order is products that are not in stock but still in stock at our supplier.  We can still order them in for you.  These items need to be paid in full before we will order them from supplier. 
If the item sells out and can not be ordered in we will refund that item as soon as we know.
The rest of the order will still be filled.

Q. Do you have a layby option?

A. Layby is 4 to 8 weeks. 25% deposit and will cancel after 8 weeks without notice.

Q. How do Preorders work?

A. For any item that has not been released by manufacturer we take preorders on the item.  This secures you one for release so you won't miss out.
There is a minimum deposit required for all items that is non refundable/ non transferable. 
We do also accept part payments as part of our payment plan scheme so you may pay it off ahead of time instead of in full on release.  

All preorder items must be paid in full before they are released.  We will not receive the item from supplier until paid in full.  If it is not paid before release and supplier sells out after release but before its paid in full the deposit will be forfeit.

Q. What payment methods are accepted for deposit/part payments?

A. Bank deposit is the only option for deposits and part payment. You may pay as often as you like (minimum 1 payment per month to keep it active). There is no seller protection on paypal for partial payments so we can not accept it as an option.  If you would like to pay with paypal payment is required in full at time of purchase. 

Q. How long do I have to pay with Bank Deposit?

A. If we haven't been contacted we will expect payment within 3 business days. 
      Please contact us before buying if you require longer to pay.

Q. What is your returns/ replacement policy?

A. We will  refund or replace any faulty item in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.  
      We do not accept returns or exchanges for change of mind so please choose carefully. 

      We do not guarantee packaging condition.  While we do take steps to protect the packaging in transit we are selling the product, not the package.  If the packaging is damaged in transit or arrives from our supplier damaged it is outside of our control and we will not replace it.  If the internal item is faulty an exchange or a refund will be offered. 

     Return postage is paid by the customer, the replacement postage is paid by AEX.

Q. What condition are the Dragon Ball Z Cards in?

A. Panini cards are all mint/near mint condition.  Score cards range from mint to played condition.
      Non foil cards may have more white marks on edges than the foils due to storage.
      No card will be willingly sold with creases or dents without consulting buyer first.


Q. What will you buy and how much will you pay?

A. We will buy anything we think fits the Store image.
      Price depends on rarity, condition, current quantity, potential demand.
      If we believe it to be fake or can not verify we won't buy.
      We only sell genuine merchandise or hand made/ custom items.
      All offers to sell need to be done in an email with photos and asking price. 

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